Do you want to reduce cost of your raw materials? Do you want to import raw materials from India from a reliable source? Do want to have a reliable partner for importing materials from India with consistent quality assurance?

Then you are at right place! We bring you the best from the world’s fastest developing market.

Inquiry Form

Based on the product requirements described in the Enquiry Form, VishwasupplyTM will conduct extensive research for potential manufacturer which can provide quality product at best price.

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Pre-supply Report

contains list of potential suppliers, details of material cost when imported from India, potential saving gain per year, details of quality of material from each supplier etc.

Quality Requirement finalization

Quality specification will be agreed between VishwaSupply TM and Client.


Agreement over Quality and Cost

Once Manufacturer is selected based on ratings, Client and VishwaSupply can make an agreement (Yearly or one time)


Rating of Manufacturer from India: Based on audit and tests results from Laboratory, VishwaSupply will prepare a detailed report and will send to Client.

Audit of Manufacturers Facility

personal audit of potential selected manufacturer VishwaSupply TM will check manufacturer’s ability to provide constant quality materials. Samples of material (for quality testing) will be collected at this step.



Formal purchase order will be placed indicating commencement of consignment delivery.

Quality check by Laboratory

All export consignment will again checked by laboratory for agreed quality.

Supply to Europe

Normally within Six weeks Order will be fulfilled. For urgent delivery Airfreight can also be used.


We offer a reliable service to find a precise manufacturer from India who can supply as per your requirement. Just send us your requirements in details and within 3 weeks we will send you pre-Supply Report. This analysis will include details of material cost when imported from India, potential saving gain per year, details of quality of material etc. We would advise to fill our Enquiry form Click Here completely to get correct analysis report.

Once precise manufacturer is identified and quality requirements are agreed, we assess the potential of the manufacturer in supply of consistent quality products by audits from our experts. Every consignment of materials is also examined by renowned Laboratories to adhere to the internationally accepted quality standards. Quality test reports are sent to the buyer of each exported consignment.

Our Role in the Business Scope:

Widening wings and expanding business in foreign needs to have extensive knowledge of the resources in the country. Our team helps you to pursuit qualified manufacturers and high quality products from India. This also reliefs you from knowing and going through Indian business rules and regulations and other complicated matters.

We have comprehensive contacts with various kinds of manufacturers in India and rich business experience.

Services for Indian Suppliers

VishwaSupply is a leading supplier for European companies. We promote and sell Indian products in Europe.

As Quality supply is our core business principle, before selecting a manufacture a small audit of manufacturing facility and/or test lab will be conducted. This Audit will help to fulfill requirements of the European customers.

Once all requirements are fulfilled your products will be open for European Market. Our Sales team from Europe promotes your products and search for suitable buyer for your products.

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Online tracking system of your Order

  • Online tracking of your order based on Shipment number from website. (Under Construction).
  • Direct representative in Europe for tracking your Order.